image router machined aluminium
Typical component machined using CNC router
Astro Aluminium CNC Router positioned in factory
Photo of new CNC Router installed at Astro Aluminium

Read more about our Routering Service in Metalworking News. Click on the logo below to open the link in their very informative online publication:

We aim to further improve our well respected "one stop service" by  both sourcing the necessary material for your orders and going the extra step of performing fabrication services that may be required.
Astro Aluminium has acquired a brand new CNC Router to further boost our manufacturing capability and enable us to offer enhanced facilities to our customers.
When further surface finishing like anodizing or powder coating is specified, we have all of these facilities under one roof. This means that we can take your projects to the semi-finished or finished stage seamlessly helping you avoid the negative aspects of shipping your project from one service provider to another. It places the responsibility for quality production on us and relieves you of the concerns associated with products being ruined at some advanced stage of manufacture by a careless vendor.
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CNC Routering Services

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Free up time to focus on core aspects of your business such as product development, sales and marketing. Rely on us to deliver your finished product. 
We are experienced at packaging of aluminium products, something we have been doing for years. You are welcome to hand that responsibility to us as well.